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A Margot Penfield Mystery


A short story published by MuirHouse

Publisher:  MUIRHOUSE

URL: www.MuirHouse.net  

email: pubs@muirhouse.net

Pages: 34 (depending on reading device format)

Availability:  Amazon  (ASIN  BOOJHN4CSC)

Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JHN4CSC

Publication Date: April 7, 2014

Genre: A British Period Mystery (1920s)

Language: English

Target Readers: Women of all ages, fans of British mysteries and historical novels


The Storyline

Her physical wounds healed long ago, yet she is still emotionally scarred from that terrifying ordeal.  In The Witness in Black,” the reader embarks on a journey that bridges the chasm between the mystery novel “Margot” and the soon to be published “The Warburton Proxy.”  In “Margot,” a host of intriguing characters emerge in a historically accurate storyline that unfolds in iconic English places like: The Parish of Chorleywood and the historic University town of Oxford.  The plot matures in the City of London and then sojourns to Canna, an island in the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland.   It climaxes in London’s West End with its night clubs, Theatre district and erotic fringes.  In The Witness in Black our heroine is plagued by nightmares and routinely welcomes sunrises over the London cityscape.   As she awaits her turn at British justice her life becomes a charade.  Meanwhile she conceals her persona behind French tortoiseshell sunglasses to avoid notoriety amongst prurient observers and the avowed vengeance of her nemesis Connie Riordan.   It is the perfect introduction to The Warburton Proxy the third installment of the Margot Penfield Mystery series.

The Series

A Margot Penfield Mystery, Published May 2013, 246 pages.

A Margot Penfield Mystery, Published April 7, 2014

A Margot Penfield Mystery,  Estimated publication Summer 2014


Real Life Points of Interest for readers of MARGOT PENFIELD MYSTERIES

In authoring the story of Margot Penfield we have drawn upon many of our own life experiences.  We also include things and places that existed in the era when the fictional account of our heroine's story would have actually taken place.   You may follow this link to a selection of Points of Interest in the Margot that we update periodically to provide background to each Margot's Penfield Mystery.  Who knows, we may inspire our readers to visit these special places in their own travels to Britain and...  Link

The Authors

Over the years, throughout their many journeys, the Moorhouses, Frances & Jeffrey, had become ardent observers of the human condition.  After all, life unfolds everywhere, in airports, restaurants or on any of the boulevards one might travel in a lifetime.   To them, their observations of life were an insightful study, and one not the least inhibited by the vagaries of language.  So, when they figuratively put pen to paper on their first novel, they had a wealth of experiences to draw upon for inspiration.   Both Frances and Jeffrey, seasoned travelers, observers of life and budding raconteurs, were able to draw upon vivid recollections of interesting places and intriguing people.

Their eventual entry into the world of fiction was simply a variation on a theme for a pair of travel and lifestyle editors.  For well over a decade, they had written extensively about arts & cultural experiences for the European traveler.  Their byline had appeared in print and on the internet.  But, their first love was a fashionable online journal they created for a niche audience of cultured travelers.  Over the years, they expanded their online resources to include a companion weblog and a podcast page.   Today they also employ select social media to quickly distribute "news items" to their readers.

All this came about at a time when they learned that the sun would soon set on the British hotel group they had represented for over a generation.  This London based hostelry group was founded in Victorian times and flourished notably thereafter in the fashionable Edwardian era.  The company’s portfolio of properties included smart hotels in major British cities as well as former aristocratic mansions  that now provided tweedy comforts to upscale guests on provincial holidays.  The brand also extended to luxury golf resorts nestled in Scottish glens or on lands linked to the sea.

To Frances and Jeffrey, this had been more than a mere career path.  Upon reflection, it almost seemed that they had lived an existence somewhere between  "Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs"  and a world of Vintage Victorian elegance.   

They recalled vividly, so long ago, when they had entered this new existence, filled with accents, from cultured English to regional Highland brogues.  Above all, this special new world thrived on grand traditions of impeccable service in splendid hotels with colleagues who were eminently polished, and consummate professionals.  Little wonder that Frances and Jeffrey, can so easily draw upon a legion of extraordinary experiences shared with a cadre of British and European colleagues.  It is these memories, drawn from the Bel Epoque of their lifetime, that so inspire their literary pursuits to this day.

So it was, that at a time when others might be thinking of retirement,  Frances and Jeffrey entered the world of online publishing, credentialed  with a lifetime of experiences for inspiration.